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Real People was solidified during this Roller Coaster Ride when Ray and Patrick realized the parallels. Many of our children and youth experience similar ups and downs in their tumultuous journey, many hang on for dear life until the next calm. Knowing your journey and having support throughout will help evoke real change.


Ray and Patrick have been involved in Children Services for approximately 40 years with 15 of those years dedicated to Treatment Foster Care.


An innovative vision that offers expertise where it is needed. It combines a Therapeutic approach in the context of a Holistic Wellness Model.


Real People was born in 2014 when Ray and Patrick Realized that children’s needs could be met in a different way that incorporated a Holistic Wellness Model.

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Family Case Management

Our model believes that a child’s growth and plan should involve all or part of the family origin by using a sensitive non-judgmental approach coupled with a plan that supports a child’s journey. The Family Case Management Model will assist us in establishing healthy communication when we are seeking information from their previous Caregivers and Natural Families. This model will also embrace children and youth returning to their Natural Families or Kinship care and assist in their preparation for adoption or their long-term fostering needs

Grief and Loss

We have a sacred trust to identify and support any child who has experienced the reality of loss and their perceived rejection.  A consultation assessment will be completed for every client (age appropriate) by a qualified therapist with a view to having it prepared for the 30 day Plan of Care. We also recognize that foster parents experience loss, i.e. when children return to natural family, through adoption or a breakdown occurs.


The Developmental / Soft Skill Assessment Tool will be able to assess their functioning capacity in regards to life skills, executive reasoning, and needs. The assessment approach will be individualized according to the child’s characteristics (age, ability, cooperativeness, awareness). A report will be generated within 30 days with a view to having it prepared for the 30 day POC.


We will always tend to keep foster children numbers low in our homes as we believe foster families need to connect in a real way with the new child. (Maximum of 2 foster children per household, unless sibling group).

Holistic Wellness

By definition a holistic approach focuses on the “whole person”. Our vision for our wellness program is to cultivate a balance between Mind, Body and Spirit. In our model our Foster Parents will be aware of their health, their stress level and most of all their self-care and reflective skills. This will decrease Caregiver Burnout.


Dr. Bruce Perry has spoken at great length about the virtues of holism and especially about dance, art and therapeutic massage programs. They directly impact traumatized parts of the brain, aiding positive growth.


Our approach assumes a journey of awareness on the part of our Team: Foster Parents and Professionals alike.



Holistic Wellness Includes:

Diet and Nutrition

Therapeutic Recreation

Yoga / Meditation



Creative Arts

Massage Therapies


Become a Foster Parent

We are committed to offering our wellness model to foster families as we make an impact on children's lives.

Joining our

If you are interested in fostering with us, we conduct monthly information sessions where we start the process of getting to know each other. During this session potential foster parents are presented with information about our vision and our program and the comprehensive screening process. If you cannot make the Information Sessions we can make alternate arrangements.

S.A.F.E Home Study Process

The S.A.F.E. (Structure Analysis Family Evaluation) Model is used by ALL Children’s Aid Societies when they consider matching Children and Youth with families. A Home Study Specialist will guide you through the process that has a set of Interviews, Questionnaires and Document collection. Some of the information that EVERY family needs to collect is: Police Records Check (Vulnerable Sector Screening), Child Welfare Security Check from your local CAS, References and Medical Report


Full Time or Respite Fostering

Most of our foster families will get to experience respite fostering before they experience full time. Each full time foster parent will receive up to 14 vacation/respite days per year. Respite families will be available to offset this and other respite needs. As well, we have other treatment agencies that will use our respite and full time homes to assist their families.

Volunteering and Student Placement

We are excited about the prospect of using volunteers and students to assist us with our challenging work. We are connected with several career colleges and will provide placements in related fields of study (eg: Child and Youth Care, Social Service, Recreation Therapy, Art and Music Therapy etc)


All of our team members (Staff, Volunteers and Fostering) will have excellent individual and group training made available to them on a regular basis. We have an extensive orientation and monthly training that will inspire Team Fellowship and Life Long Learning. (We have adapted the Parenting Skills Training Model from People Places Inc.)

Our Gallery

What is Real and Real Relationships

REAL is an acronym that we use to guide us in our philosophy as we strive to surround ourselves with like-minded people. The most important credential added to your name will be RP or Real Person.

REAL foster parents believe in:

R  -  Relationships

E  - Empowerment

A  -  being All In

L  - Life Long Learning

Our RP Team


Founder & Director


Founder & Director

Nancy Brown Brunton RP

Consultant and
SAFE Home Study Supervisor

Upcoming Events

Foster Parent Information Night

We have monthly foster parent recruitment / information nights at our office in Cambridge for anyone interested and wanting to learn more. There is no commitment to foster if you attend, it is information seeking only. If you would like to schedule a date or attend a monthly session, please call Ray at 416-879-4174 or fill out the contact form below.

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If you're interested in fostering, joining an information night or just want to get in touch please file out the form below or call one of the numbers listed on the right. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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